For that summery feel and a little bit of continental flair to its design, there may not be a more fun and friendly place to play internet bingo than on Benidorm Bingo. The website is jam packed with games, offers and jackpot prizes all waiting to be won by its players. Whether its for a quick five minutes on the speed bingo, or a serious bingo session that goes late on into the night, Benidorm Bingo has it all. We’re here to give you a full run down of everything that makes this website tick, and why it has been receiving some rave reviews of late.

The great selection of bingo games at Benidorm Bingo is a major reason for the websites early success. The online bingo industry has seen the leading websites become stale in how the games are produced and played on their websites, with no innovative ways of changing the way bingo can be played. Well at Benidorm Bingo, they are trying to bring a fresh and new approach to this, by adding a lot more variety to what they offer their members. The site features both US and UK versions of the 75 ball bingo game, with prizes being offered for lines as well as a full house. Then there is 90 ball games, as well as a speed bingo option on top of that too, giving the players even more choice in how to play. Finally, there is also the syndicated Jackpot Joy, which as seen on other successful bingo websites, is a game of bingo, but with cards instead of numbers, and an increased jackpot at the end of it.

What Benidorm Bingo can also offer is a great range of casino games too, most notably video slot machines with some great progressive jackpots. Through this, any keen bingo and online gambler can really look at a whole different number of ways to win some great prizes on this website. What also comes naturally to Benidorm Bingo is the promotions that they run on a daily basis. There is always something to play for on this site, and sometimes it seems like this internet bingo website is just trying to give money away! Benidorm Bingo are offering guaranteed jackpots throughout the month, free bingo but with cash prizes, as well as loyalty bonuses to those who have been members on the site for a long period of time.

The final great bonus feature on Benidorm Bingo is the opportunity to get £30 in free money bets after depositing £10 to begin with. With that in mind, it almost seems like there is no reason to not get signed up to Benidorm Bingo right now, as it seems like there is no genuine reason why this isn’t the bingo website for you.

With bingo bonuses, great promotions and a selection of great bingo games to choose from, Benidorm Bingo is quite simply one of the best new bingo websites on the market, and it will not be long before it really starts pushing itself into the top group of established bingo websites in the near future.