Bingo has become such a massive entity now on the internet, it is hard to keep up what is going on when it comes to the sheer size of some of these great bingo websites. From the hat room, new bonuses and so on, there are a number of different features on each website that may seem different, but in turn can mean something the total opposite. This bingo glossary is here to give you a helping hand into what some of the most common terms actually mean, and give you a great start into playing bingo on the internet.

Welcome Bonus
You will see this on every bingo website you go on, and while the name may make it pretty self-explanatory, there can be a number of different stipulations and money amounts that can make these different on other sites. The amount of money given to the new player can sometime depend on how much they initially deposit onto the site. While the site may say they get £35 free straight away, that may mean if they deposit £10, rather than £5, which will normally see a reduction in the bonus offer. Make sure you check out a number of different websites and understand what the welcome bonus truly is before acquiring it, as once you do, there’s no going back!

Bingo Chat Rooms
What makes a bingo website truly a great place to gamble online is the perks it gives its customers in order to make it a great experience for them to play in. This bingo glossary was geared towards mentioning one thing, the bingo chat rooms. A great place to meet friends, talk about anything bingo related or beyond and even have the opportunities to win some great cash prizes all at the same time. The bingo chat rooms are a hub of all kinds of different bingo players, that have their own secret code of language in communicate with each other whilst the games are going on, plus pass on tips and suggestions into how the games are played on certain websites. Make sure that you pick a bingo website that has a superbly run bingo chat room section, as it can make the difference between an enjoyable time playing bingo online, and a great time.

Free Bingo
This can come in two forms. Firstly, some websites will offer its members to play some completely harmless bingo for free, and just have some relaxed fun without the stress of some serious money riding on the game. There are now also free bingo games with actual cash prizes, exclusively available to those players who have only been registered with the site for a short amount of time. By playing free bingo, it gives you the opportunity to learn how the game is played on the internet and grasp the different betting strategies that come with playing bingo online.

With this bingo glossary, we hope that it can be a great start for you to identify what some of the several key words mean when on a bingo website, and make that transition into how a bingo website properly run when first playing the game online.