While it may be a bit different in the way it has marketed itself and perceive within the online bingo community, three is no doubt that the early attention that Bingo Godz has received is proof and knowledge that this new bingo website is certainly on course to become one of the best in a matter of months. Already the winner and finalist for many bingo website of the year awards, this fantastically ancient Greece themed bingo website appears to have it all, and has identified a way of keeping members playing on the site through a story themed guide, which keeps them coming back for more.

The websites is all based around a number of different Bingo ‘Godz’ that all possess different powers, that you can unlock and use as you continue to play on this fantastic and unique bingo website. Bingo Godz has been designed so that players continue to play on some great bingo games in order to unlock further areas and games to play, which is over a different range of ancient civilisations, such as Egypt and China. With this fantastic reason to continually come back and play for more than just small cash prizes, Bingo Godz does a fantastic way of not only retaining its members, but also attracting new ones who are intrigued by this new form of bingo gambling. With bigger and better games to play as you unlock more areas of the site, there is little wonder as to why the site is seeing great success, as these online bingo players are just desperate to see what’s next on this bingo website.

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