Compare Bingo Sites

It is important to understand that it can be very naive to believe that all bingo sites are identical, and that they all offer the same games and bonuses, as it quite simply not the case. It is very important that you compare bingo sites extensively before you decide on a website that suits you best. It is important to have a set list of criteria in place so you know exactly what you want to look out for when going from one bingo site to another, as the subtle differences are normally the main reasons between the final decision. Below are a number of criteria that we think are important when comparing bingo sites, and how each one can make a real difference making one site better than another.

Pink Bingo

It is literally what the name suggests it is. Everything is pink and colourful on this bingo site, and it is creating quite a buzz because of it. Pink Bingo is getting everyone buzzing about online bingo gaming, and it is certainly one of the brightest and most intriguing bingo websites that we have seen in a while. They have plenty to offer on this fantastic looking site and it is great to see them play on their quirky image with a selection of games that will appeal to everyone. You won’t be able to see everything there is on this site in one go. So have a look at this Pink Bingo review and find out for yourself...

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Red Bus Bingo

All aboard the famous red buses in London as you can get you close to action with these brilliant bingo games. No need for oyster cards here as you can get involved with the Red Bus Bingo games from the very moment you sign up. Red Bus Bingo offers a great selection in bingo games and bonuses, and much more. The fact that this website is great to look at, fun to play and rewarding all at the same time, means it is no surprise that this is one of the hottest bingo websites currently around today. These are just some of the reasons why we think Red Bus Bingo is the site to play at, and we are...

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Rapchic Bingo

Want to be one of the trendiest bingo players currently on the internet? You can be just that when you spend your time at Rapchic Bingo. This is a great site for plenty of players who are looking for a cool and hip place to play some of the newest and best bingo games that are currently around on the internet. From the ever growing number of bingo games that are available throughout the week, all the way through to the great selection of bonus offers that are making all of this fun possible. We like Rapchic Bingo, and we think you will too. Have a look at some of the reasons why we think it is, and hopefully...

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Prize Bingo

Playing bingo online is all about winning one thing. Winning prizes! So it would make sense that there should be a website that is solely determined to produce a bingo site where players are rewarded for hard work with of course a great set of prizes in their games. That’s exactly what you get at Prize Bingo. A site that is dedicated offering you a great time on their games, along with a number of different jackpot prizes that you can get your hands on. The games run throughout the day and week so there are always chances for you to win some top cash rewards. There are some fantastic offers and games too that makes playing at Prize...

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Postcode Bingo

Already a popular lottery that has rewarded thousands of people with life changing sums of money, the company behind the Postcode Lottery are hoping to do the same in the online bingo community too. The Postcode Bingo site is awash with huge sums of money just waiting be won. They also offer some top bingo games that can be played both day and night. Finally, Postcode Bingo are also committed to raising money for the Dogs Trust, and donate a portion of all donations to the great cause. They haven’t compromised the fun or accessibility though, and this is still one of the best websites that you can play bingo on at this moment in time. Don’t believe us?...

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Posh Bingo

There are some people that want to play the games with a little more class. Luckily there is a website that can cater for those people straight away. Posh Bingo is a sophisticated and polished bingo site that caters only for the very finest bingo players on the net. If you think that you belong this top class of players, then you will absolutely love what is going on with Posh Bingo. There is plenty to achieve, claim and win here, and this is why it has drawn such a great following in recent months. If you like the sound of mobile bingo, free bingo and bingo jackpots, then you will love what is going on at Posh Bingo....

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Bingo Games
Obviously, this is the most important place to start, as you don’t want to be wasting your own money on games that you just don’t enjoy playing on. Most bingo websites will offer the same variety of 75, 80 and 90 bingo games as standard, but if you are after a much wider variety of gaming options, then you need to look beyond that. Some sites are starting to offer speed bingo, pattern bingo and others as a way of keeping player interested on the site, and offer more opportunities to win money on each day they play. It is not just bingo games that are being offered now on bingo websites. When comparing sites, make sure to look out for slot machine games and other progressive jackpot games that are now becoming more common on these bingo websites, as once again, the more opportunities to win is certainly a great incentive to play on a particular site.

Bingo Bonuses
You must make a conscious effort to compare the bonus offers between different bingo websites. These can really make the difference when playing online for the first time, and normally through the addition of free money through no-deposit bonuses and welcome bonuses, compare which ones are offering more money up front, and that can also be a big deciding factor in which bingo site is the one for you.

Bingo Community
Online bingo websites are now just as much as the overall experience as it is now playing bingo itself. Through the use of social media, special social games and great incentives to return to the site, it is recommended to compare what else these bingo sites offer away from the gaming itself. With chat messaging now a great way to meet new bingo friends and enjoy a different and more social way to play the game, it really is now one of the most important aspects of online bingo gaming, and something that shouldn’t be ignored when finding the perfect bingo site.

Comparing bingo sites is not a hard task at all once you know exactly what you are looking for. With your own money being gambled, it is important that you understand yourself what is important to you in a site, and that it is almost a sixth sense when you finally come across a site that suits you best when it comes to online bingo gaming.