For a little ray of sunshine needed on your day and a fun game of internet bingo, it is Costa Bingo that will aim to do all of that for you. With the websites mascot named sunny and a wide range of bingo and other games available for the user to play on, it offers a great experience for the casual bingo player to enjoy when looking for something new within the bingo gaming community of sites. So what can you expect to see on this site, and how will it make your online bingo gaming experience better? Take a look at these points and we’ll explain how:

While there are the normal bonus offers that come with many online gambling websites, such as the welcome bonus and the no-deposit offer, there are also a wide variety of different exclusive offers that will enhance your bingo experience throughout the week. From quick-fire bingo games that offer prizes such as gaming consoles and stereo systems, to 2p games with big money jackpots, Costa Bingo has gone a different way with what it can offer its customers more in the way of bonuses and prizes, rather than just the same few that all websites offer.


Costa Bingo really try to look after their customers, with a wide variety of different bingo gaming options which allow the user to try out a great selection of bingo games, progressive jackpot games and slot machines, all offering great prizes to the user, and some jackpots going into the thousands. What is unique about Costa Bingo though is that they give out big jackpot prizes on free games, exclusively for new users. These new members are able to play these games at no cost to them, and go and an play in just the same way that they would for actual money, yet still take home cash prizes if they win. With fewer members playing these games, the odds of winning are that much better.

Community Feel
From chat box games to blogs and posts, Costa Bingo has really tried to recreate the friendliness and community aspect that has come to be a staple within the bingo industry, both land based and online, making it a fun place to play great bingo games, and meet some great friends in the process too. With special chat games and good prizes to be won, it is no wonder why Costa Bingo has become so popular, and see itself become one of the leading bingo websites in the country.

So those are just three of the many reasons why Costa Bingo has become so popular, and why it’s time that you should join the ever growing bingo community that is already registered and playing on the site. From great bingo bonuses, fantastic games to be played, plus the security measures in place to make sure your money is safe at all times and giving the user peace of mind that they can gamble in safety! So get onto Costa Bingo now, and experience one of the best bingo websites currently available now.