No matter how often you play bingo, there will always be those scenarios that pop up and confuse you for whatever reason. It can be understanding how to use a certain bonus on the website, what the rules of a new game actually mean, or a problem with depositing. The chances are, you’re probably not the first to come across this, and may not be the last, which is why good bingo websites now have a dedicated FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions), to help those with all the most common queries that come with playing bingo online. We are going to try and debunk a few of those bingo FAQ’s here, and see if we can solve some issues before they even come up.

How do I get my Welcome Bonus?
With many bingo websites, the bingo bonus is an offer that requires the user to first deposit money into their account before they can activate the free money. The rules and stipulations are regularly broadcasted clearly to those who look to take up the offer, and we strongly recommend that you read through all the terms that come with playing the welcome bonus, as well as any other bingo bonus for that matter.

I’ve just won big using my no-deposit bonus, why can’t I withdraw the money?
Easily the most frequently asked questions with any online bingo gambling site, the jubilation of winning a huge bingo jackpot prize can be very quickly met with befuddlement and anger, as the player struggles to figure out why they can’t go and spend their money straight away. There are a number of different wagering requirements that come with using bingo bonuses on the internet, and it can sometimes be around 25 times the initial amount of the deposit made. The money wagered does not have to be out of the own players pocket, so if you do have a big win on the bingo games, you can use the money used from that in order to fill the quota needed to then be eligible to withdraw your money eventually. We urge you to read the terms of the bonuses first before playing, as it really is the main reason for disputes and questions lodged by the player.

Why are the cards different in 75 ball bingo?
Very simply, it is almost a completely different game to that of 90 ball bingo, having originated in county fairs in the USA in the mid 1800’s. The aim of the game is to achieve special patterns or lines in order to start winning the top bingo prizes. If you are so lucky enough to get a full house, then the bonus prize fund can be huge.

These frequently asked questions generally come from those who have little experience of gambling online and can get easily confused with all the different rules and terms that come with playing on the internet for with bingo bonuses. Hopefully these examples may have already cleared something up for you, and that should you ever feel yourself at an ends when it comes to a predicament on the bingo site, just head to the FAQ page, the solution is probably there for you.