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It may not affect many people, or become something to chat about between colleagues at work, but bingo news is always happening, and can certainly affect those who play it as a serious hobby on the internet. It can come in the form of a new website beginning, or one closing down. Maybe there is a new bonus offer that is starting to take over the online bingo industry, or maybe even a new game! The online bingo community is constantly seeing change and development that will make it a better place to gamble online, so it is important to keep up with all the bingo news that is currently going on.

Foxy Bingo doing their bit for breast cancer

With a large proportion of online bingo players female, it is understandable that it is the research into the curing of breast cancer is top of the list for bingo sites to combat. Foxy Bingo have taken the lead in producing a special initiative and game that will raise awareness amongst their members and hopefully raise a significant amount of money for the ongoing battle. The play it for pink programme has been going for some time now, and will continue to do so for the near future. The idea to raise money for the campaign has been met with unanimous praise, and many other bingo sites are following in Foxy Bingo’s path and doing their bit for the great cause. The idea is simple at Foxy Bingo, and is very quickly generating money in the process too for the charity. In the special events that are held every day, members are playing games in which they are guaranteed a prize of up to £100. For every prize won, Foxy Bingo will donate 10% straight to Breast Cancer research, which is a tremendous amount considering the amount of people that are playing these games. The idea campaign is growing from strength to strength, and Foxy Bingo it seems is doing more to raise awareness for the campaign and battling the disease. There are bonus games that are readily available for all to get involved with, creating yet money for the research project, as we all as making it more fun for players to get involved with the games that are on display at Foxy Bingo. The website has done a lot to promote the need to raise money for this charity in the past, and it seems that they are carrying on the trend now too. The site has had a lot more pink added to the pages, more competitions are taking place within the chat games on the site, and a just a general donation page that can see Foxy Bingo players donate straight to the campaign without even playing the games. This site has really made sure that the target audience of their site are just as...

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Get in the party spirit at Sun Bingo

Everyone love a great atmosphere when playing bingo on the internet. Even though the main objective of playing is to win the game itself, having a buzzing bingo community makes it so much better overall. Sun Bingo are really embracing this part of the online bingo environment and are bringing the party atmosphere to their games. With a welcome bonus that will give you access to almost everything on the site, as well as chat games with extra jackpots, there is nowhere else that can compete with the offers at Sun Bingo right now. So many people are flocking to the site for this very reason, and we can completely understand why. At Sun Bingo, they are offering all of their players a huge £40 free cash when they deposit their first £10 onto the site. With a sizeable amount of money to start playing with, there is little reason to suggest that you can’t join in the party from the very beginning. For so many people, they can’t enjoy a good party without a great amount of money to spend. Well with this cracking bingo welcome bonus, there is little reason why you can’t do it here. The chat games though are the most impressive thing about the party atmosphere at Sun Bingo. They really do just turn the entire site into one great bingo coffee morning for those that are playing there. The fact that there is always something to be gossiping about. Soaps. Celebrities. Television. That is just a tiny percentage of the stuff that gets talked about on these popular chat room games at Sun Bingo. That is why the site has seen this as an opportunity to add some extra jackpot prizes on selected chat room games every week. This is seen as nothing more than a token of thanks to their most loyal players, as they know these are the games where people normally hang out. If you want to join one of the fastest growing online bingo communities, have a laugh and play in all the special jackpot games, then Sun Bingo is the place to be. There really is no better...

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Heart Bingo certainly have the X Factor

With the X Factor taking over the television sets across the country, there is little surprise that it is also taking over the bingo sites too! There is now a fantastic and exciting progressive slot game based on the television singing contest, and Heart Bingo have certainly developed it into one of the most popular games on their bingo site. With plenty of comparisons to the show, it is no wonder that people are starting to get real excited about this game, and that they are flocking to Heart Bingo to get a piece of the action. The X Factor slot game offers you a wide range of different ways to win some huge money prizes. The game can be played from one win line to 15, and coming in a number of different stakes too. So if you’re feeling like it’s your lucky day then we suggest you go straight to the bet max button, which will certainly see your chances of a profit and a chance of winning greatly increased from what you would have initially planned. This allows you the chance to enjoy the brilliant progressive slot game in all its glory. Heart Bingo have clearly done their research on what their players watch on television and how to turn it into a great game for them to play and win on. The appeal to take the role as Simon Cowell and separate the dud from the studs is something that many people who watch the show can only dream of doing. Well now this new X Factor game on Heart Bingo have you fulfilling that possibility. With wild’s, bonus games and free spins all on offer for you to use and play with is something that is quite rare with top slot games, so it is possible that this great slot game on Heart Bingo has certainly set the benchmark in terms of playability, excitement and offers to their avid players on the bingo site. Heart Bingo have certainly hit the jackpot when it comes to a successful and very entertaining slot game to complement their online bingo site. It has everything that is asked...

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What normally makes the top of the bingo news is a new format of the game to be played, which will normally be copied and produced on nearly all of the major bingo sites within a matter of days, as those bingo websites will want to make sure that their customers stay on their site, rather than leaving to play the game elsewhere. With new innovations such as Swedish Bingo and pattern bingo starting to become more prevalent in the online bingo industry in this country, the bingo news sites are really hitting the mainstream now, and really helping people in informing them of where the best bingo sites are in order to play all of the latest bingo games.

Most of the successful online bingo sites also have their own page dedicated to their own bingo news, which can come in the form of a new bingo bonus on their site, announcement of a recent jackpot winner, or promoting an upcoming bingo event with a larger than normal jackpot. Be aware of where these bingo news pages are on your chosen bingo website, as they can hold valuable information into discovering the future of the website, in terms of bonus, games and promotions.

Finding out about news to do with both bingo websites and how good they are can also be found on independent bingo review websites and forums, which features casual bingo players talking about their experiences playing on different websites and playing certain games. Through these bingo forums, bingo news can travel faster, especially when the topics are revolved around the different bonus offers that are currently available on bingo websites at the moment. This service of providing bingo news is quickly becoming the most trusted and widely accepted form as the most reliable, as it is much more reliable to those reading the news, and not covered in all the corporate keywords that are normally involved when the bingo news is produced on the specific site itself.

Make sure to keep up to date with all the bingo news that is currently going on within the online bingo industry, it really can give you a great idea into the ins and outs of how the bingo websites are run. With the knowledge of where the best bingo websites currently are, and enjoy your time spent playing bingo on the internet.