If there was a bingo website that we absolutely loved this year it was Paddy Bingo. There was so much to do here that we absolutely loved coming here. The bonuses really got new players attention and they could be used in a way that made it exciting and fun you to play on. It was such a shame then we heard that they were being rebranded as Clover Bingo, but don’t fret, we are still going to give you a rundown of the best bits of Paddy Bingo, and what made it a great site to play on.

As we said, the bonuses were the great thing about this top looking website. The fact that you were given an extra 200% on top of your first deposit is only the beginning of what was here. That alone is a great deal on many other top bingo websites. With £30 at your disposal from the very beginning, you were able to learn and grasp the rules of all the games at Paddy Bingo, and still have some left over to go on and win the big jackpots once you were fully settled in. So what made this bonus even better? Well the fact that you could add an extra £2,500 to your account through the spin of the wheel was normally a good way to go about it. This chance to add such a huge amount to your account is what drew so many people to the site. Just the opportunity to win this kind of money before you even begun to play on the site is special, so you can’t blame us for thinking that this was one of the best bonuses that we had seen in a long time.

You could also get involved with some really fun bingo games too. Paddy Bingo was not just about the bonuses either. There was plenty of chances for players to win some top prizes on a daily basis. The games ran throughout the day. You could play on the games whenever you pleased, and there was a great selection of prizes for you to play for. There was both 90 and 75 ball bingo games for players to get stuck into. Added on top of that was the fact that you could play the bingo games for free too. This added bonus meant that if you wanted to take some time off of playing big cash, then these free games were perfect to let you either unwind, or give you the chance to learn the different strategies that could be useful to you in the long run of your online bingo career.

Paddy Bingo was a great site to play on. The chance for you to enjoy playing bingo games in a fun and exciting environment was too good to pass up for a lot of people. We think that while the site may be no more, you can still get a small taste for what it was if you visit Clover Bingo soon.