Raising awareness for Breast Cancer is a year round campaign that is absolutely for a great cause. That is why it is great to see a bingo website that has made it a big aim of their aim to continue to raise money and the profile of the campaign through this superb bingo site. The site in question is Pink Ribbon Bingo, and despite being a charity bingo website as such, this is a seriously good bingo site in its own right! There are games galore for you to play on. Bonuses that will make any bingo website jealous and a community pulled together by a common cause. We love Pink Ribbon Bingo and we are going to tell you exactly why.

When you are drawn to Pink Ribbon Bingo, the first thing we suggest you do is head straight to the community page. This is where you will find out everything that the website is trying to achieve. From testimonials from celebrities to a chart showing how much money has been raised through the bingo games, it just puts a little extra thought and sentiment behind the website itself. With an idea of how the site is operating and what it is aiming to achieve, there is almost no reason at all why you can’t even afford an hour’s worth of gaming at Pink Ribbon Bingo if it means helping a great cause.

Moving onto the bingo gaming side of the site, there is still plenty of fun to be had here too. There is a 200% bonus for you to claim immediately after signing-up. With a £10 deposit you will instantly claim another £20 free. Playing with £30 immediately is a great way to be introduced to Pink Ribbon Bingo, and it will certainly give you a helping hand on what to do on different games during your time here. No matter if you decide to play on the slot games or the bingo rooms, there is going to be scope to learn and develop the skills necessary that is needed for you to get the bingo strategy needed to win more games for your money.

Speaking of bingo games, there are plenty of them too. Having the pleasure of choosing if you want to play some quiet bingo games, or get involved with the loud and proud chat games that run throughout the week, then Pink Ribbon has the game for you. Never feel out of place or left wanting for more here, as they have literally thought of everything when it comes to playing bingo online. The prize money is pretty impressive too. One win and you could be set for the next two paydays from work, so if there is a time to play bingo on the internet, this is the time to do it.

Pink Ribbon Bingo is a site with a great cause and meaning behind it. It also has a great selection of games and bonuses for you to enjoy when playing the games too. Get over there now and enjoy everything there is about this terrific bingo website.