For one of the newest bingo websites on the internet, there is no doubting that Sugar Bingo is already making a splash in the online bingo community, as it draws high praise for its sleek gameplay, fantastic bonus features and brilliant looking site. That’s not all, as the amount of games on offer, jackpot prizes and security puts them already among the best casino sites right now, despite its relatively young age on the internet. So what has it done to become so successful? Well, this Sugar Bingo review is here to find out exactly why.

The first thing that struck us about this website was the brightness and appealing way it looked once we first landed on the page. With so many websites now offering internet bingo it is now important to grab the new player’s attention from the very beginning, something that Sugar Bingo does very well. What has also been done to grab the new player’s attention is advertising of the websites top bonus features which includes a £35 bonus feature after depositing £10 initially, giving you £45 to start playing with, a massive pot considering the amount of bingo games that can offer you to play in.

It is not just the bonuses that makes Sugar Bingo so popular to play on, as the games themselves can offer some great entertainment and some top prizes along the way. The bingo games on the website are in fact very basic, with predominantly 75 and 90 ball bingo games the only way to play the game, although the prizes that can be on offer through these games are what makes it so attractive to play. There are the standard jackpot win games, as well as progressive jackpot games, which are handed out to those winners who can complete a full house inside a certain number of balls called. So it is certainly appealing to those who want to win big on the bingo games. There is also room to play on some great video slot machines that have been developed to run successfully on the site. For those who take gambling a little more seriously than others, it is important to be able to have a change of pace when gambling, and moving away from the sometimes tense Sugar Bingo games to slot machines are nice and relaxing, especially when it is placed on auto-spin mode.

By being able to gamble on Sugar Bingo, you are playing on a website that is as safe as going to a land based bingo hall and playing there, with no security issues to worry about or concerns as to where your money is going, you can be sure to trust Sugar Bingo to give you one of the best online gambling experiences possible, all whilst playing a fun game of bingo.
So get on over to Sugar Bingo now, while it may be new, it plays like one of the best sites on the internet for bingo already, and will provide you with endless hours of joy from the moment you sign up.